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2011-10-08 12:31:50
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People dissappearing by the minute.Various situations outside,walking,breathing,sweating,figuring things out,shaking,field,cold,smoke,chased,scratches or not,spewing acid,alcohol,down underground,still,standing,toilet,writing,alkaline,cave,bones,cry,laugh,calm,worry,hungry,emotions,senses,thought,alters you depending on the situation or your mind returns to the past if your anemic,sound or won't cook with or touch and remembering,personally affecting reality,draining energy from well fed stressed cancerous pensioners so a law gets passed force loading them onto planes for transport,money, who werenґt tipped off,salt and fear and getting attacked,alcohol and the lack of fear. Time visitors,missing and replaced people,suffocations,stray bullets, getting rid of that motorbike helmet etc,popped people,barking dogs,acoustic weapons,sound amplifiers, alarm,hearing loss centres and hospitals,stadium nightlights,invisibility,random attacks when freaks sleep,are off the streets and believe stores are closed,people saying your this,your that,your there,reading,pictures,words etc and their various interpretations,coincidence,did virgin masterbator really turn into a fiend by sniffing something,preparing you for whatґs happening now and after,an animal situation and that long caged in fence,your suspicious,stuck in this nest,etc,being pulled to the future or the past along with your iron or other coins in your pocket,coming into contact with or surrounded by other materials,because of this some people arenґt moving faster out of their home,selling,measuring and squeezing the genitals,interference of the people.Tired of the pests act yet,pet.Is this place real,itґs like playing the same video game over and over again,maybe they’ll reach through the screen and your reality show.Connected minds,mind control now and from the future,beaming.People leaving this planet,what year are you from.People travelling back from the future getting attacked,accidents today or sending messages.Turning your place into a motel/outhouse.Really waking up poking,picking,prodding,people at the top with medical instruments,reviving regular people and bringing them out to court.Attempting to recreate what happened on another world,loading trains,what appears as empty trucks,past and horrible future past lives.Nature's examples.Making it so people will rupture easily and your brain.Clones,androids and the rest of it.

2012-01-18 22:11:24
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2012-09-27 10:39:26
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this 3d mode is fukcin awesome
2016-05-30 16:36:25
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Точно чувак, это офигенно. Хочу контакт в 3д
пиздатая хуйня
2016-05-30 16:38:55
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забеись хуйня
2016-05-30 16:39:12
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Почему Bumb и Sage, где вообще что