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Son of KC

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Why oriental values is superior to the western one
2019-03-31 22:06:34
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1. Oriental values is strictly family based respect for your elders and caring for your siblings
2. Western "values" now is nothing but accepting faggotry, promoting adultery and sodomy, and being degenerate
3. Oriental values promote hard work and diligence, modesty
4. Confucianism promotes loyalty to the state, community and ethnic group and altruism
5. Oriental values promotes females in traditional roles of being mothers and housewives while western 'values' promote feminism and other degenerate shit that is fucking up your birthrates

2019-03-31 22:18:19
No. 81027      
whos rooting for western values anyway.
2019-03-31 22:55:53
No. 81028      
Furthermore, the whole reason western Christianity is on a downward spiral is because of western liberalism and their insistence on promoting things contrary to the bible. soon when the west is conquered by islam. The east will take torch of being the beacon of Christianity as christian values concur very well with existing oriental values.
2019-03-31 23:09:29
No. 81029      
East is fucked as well, Christianity here(at least in Russia) is Islam tier.