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Sweden Bernd 2021-01-14 02:30:53 ⋅ 9mn
No. 107171
This is just in. Single mother has concluded that the rich, tall and handsome professionals don't want to date single mothers!
Netherlands Bernd 2021-01-14 05:20:50 ⋅ 9mn No. 107176
53k tiktok videos... What... I'm sure I haven't even got that many imageboard posts... Also three guesses as to what the race of the kids is lol
Sweden Bernd 2021-01-14 06:26:27 ⋅ 9mn No. 107178
>>107176 53k subscribers. And the kids are white.
Netherlands Bernd 2021-01-14 07:03:11 ⋅ 9mn No. 107179
>>107178 Even so myopic, dysgenic schlampe is surprised feminism doesn't compel men to prostate themselves in awe admiration. One only has to have sex once to realise how grossly unnecessary it is for daily function. Bi-annual function, however, is a different thing. Women and their moist holes simply aren't very needed. Women and their wombs and their loyalty are. This woman lacks both womb (two kids is two less kids you could've had) and loyalty.
Sweden Bernd 2021-01-14 07:32:01 ⋅ 9mn No. 107182
Netherlands Bernd 2021-01-14 07:34:40 ⋅ 9mn No. 107183
thats enough grappa
Netherlands Bernd 2021-01-14 07:44:19 ⋅ 9mn No. 107184
>>107182 I fucking love this. His eyes are convey no sympathy LMAO I wonder what he said toward the end 'dog die alone' ??
Netherlands Bernd 2021-01-14 08:05:26 ⋅ 9mn No. 107186
Bye dawg, die alone hahahahahahahaha
Denmark Bernd 2021-01-14 08:27:51 ⋅ 9mn No. 107187
Gb2kohlshit grappa
Germany Bernd 2021-01-14 08:34:02 ⋅ 9mn No. 107189
Sweden Bernd 2021-01-14 09:12:11 ⋅ 9mn No. 107203
>>107183 >>107187 >>107189 Back to kohl shit with your persona crap.
Germany Bernd 2021-01-14 09:14:41 ⋅ 9mn No. 107204
>>107203 For real though, I've seen enough posts about women being women. Yeah, some of them are pretty damn retarded. So what. I don't need to see and read it every day. Aren't you getting bored of this?
Netherlands Bernd 2021-01-14 09:21:39 ⋅ 9mn No. 107205
>>107204 >Aren't you getting bored of this?
Finland Bernd 2021-01-14 10:01:36 ⋅ 9mn No. 107206
>>107187 Leave him alone and fuck off with your predictable shitposting, I invited him here. We need more posters and personally I find incelosphere news funny.
Finland Bernd 2021-01-14 10:05:20 ⋅ 9mn No. 107208
>>107182 "Buy dope, die alone"? "Buy a dog, die alone"? Wtf is this guy's problem? Who made him arbiter over peoples' value? They don't take him to the pawn shop to determine his value, they take him to the slave auction.
Netherlands Bernd 2021-01-14 10:25:15 ⋅ 9mn No. 107213
>>107206 >we need more posters, so I invited one of the worst posters wew
Netherlands Bernd 2021-01-14 11:22:18 ⋅ 9mn No. 107219
>>107213 You're still a faggot
Sweden Bernd 2021-01-14 11:59:55 ⋅ 9mn No. 107224
This roastie has an interesting posting history. Seems like she was a career woman who lost her business. Now she is trying to settle down with a rich older man. But they just fuck her and leave like Chad did when she was younger.
Finland Bernd 2021-01-14 12:01:14 ⋅ 9mn No. 107226
>>107224 Wouldn't have happened if she would only have sex in a marriage.
Russia Bernd 2021-01-16 20:05:41 ⋅ 9mn No. 107451