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Italy Bernd 2022-01-30 01:19:48 ⋅ 2y No. 133956
What is your favorite combat vehicle? Mine is BMP-2.
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 01:21:51 ⋅ 2y No. 133957
I don’t really know any. But I think the ones with wheels look cool.
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 01:52:02 ⋅ 2y No. 133958
Type 59 I got it in WoT and it is my baby. They stopped selling it in 2012 or so. I remember running to the gas station buying a paysafe card using my last 20€ of pocket money to get this tank. I even made a short webm of it in 2017 just to brag because it is pretty rare nowadays. Sadly I don't play this game anymore at all since it became shit.
Finland Bernd 2022-01-30 06:39:42 ⋅ 2y No. 133961
Finland Bernd 2022-01-30 10:09:12 ⋅ 2y No. 133968
Stridsvagn 103. For a long time I hated it, but later I started appreciating the boldness of its concept. It goes against all the traditions of having a higher turret tower in the middle, like you would imagine almost any armored vehicles. This forces your brain to think and to look at the whole idea of an armoured vehicle in a new way. It's a middlefinger to all traditions and says "fuck you". Fräck. And just take a look at its second picture. They threw a fucking fence from someones garden on top of it, not giving a fuck about what you think. It ridicules your incoming. Brave, modern. This is the absolute alpha of all current armoured vehicles.
Russia Bernd 2022-01-30 10:12:13 ⋅ 2y No. 133969
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 10:21:46 ⋅ 2y No. 133970
>>133968 Stridsvagn is such an ebin name. In German Streitwagen means chariot.
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 10:42:10 ⋅ 2y No. 133972
PT-76 >>133968 Noice
Russia Bernd 2022-01-30 10:47:46 ⋅ 2y No. 133973
>>133970 This flamethrower has official name and it's literally "Pinocchio" Rate
Russia Bernd 2022-01-30 11:49:42 ⋅ 2y No. 133977
Stryker, because I'm a big MGS4 aficionado.
United Kingdom Bernd 2022-01-30 12:10:42 ⋅ 2y No. 133979
I like technicals
Russia Bernd 2022-01-30 12:22:26 ⋅ 2y No. 133982
This nifty thingy is neat.
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 12:26:10 ⋅ 2y No. 133983
>>133973 I'm confused about the name, but the vehicle looks ridicolous. Like something out of Warhammer 40.000.
Netherlands Bernd 2022-01-30 13:57:18 ⋅ 2y No. 133992
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 15:11:50 ⋅ 2y No. 133995
Ferdi is my boy :3
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 15:38:24 ⋅ 2y No. 134001
Horch 901
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 16:06:27 ⋅ 2y No. 134004
Look at this absolute unit.
Switzerland Bernd 2022-01-30 16:14:18 ⋅ 2y No. 134006
I drove this when I was in the army
Germany Bernd 2022-01-30 16:53:24 ⋅ 2y No. 134012
>>134006 first aid truck? lmao
Russia Bernd 2022-01-31 14:00:32 ⋅ 2y No. 134121
>>134012 That's a chad truck. You get to roam through a battlefield at your leisure, in a completely unarmed car, like a boss. You don't have to fight and risk your life, you're above that. And anyone who attacks you would get screwed by both sides. This is literally sigma-car.
Germany Bernd 2022-01-31 14:13:13 ⋅ 2y No. 134123
>>134121 Depends on the battlefield.
Germany Bernd 2022-01-31 14:13:54 ⋅ 2y No. 134124
>>134121 >>134123 so its actually a first aid truck? i wanted to make fun of the swiss flag lmao
Germany Bernd 2022-01-31 17:41:32 ⋅ 2y No. 134163
>>134124 Yes.
Hungary Bernd 2022-01-31 18:47:40 ⋅ 2y No. 134180
>>134163 Is that the new Polish flag?
Russia Bernd 2022-01-31 19:14:12 ⋅ 2y No. 134184
>>134180 Well, Poland is the second Switzerland, so yeah, you could say that.
Hungary Bernd 2022-01-31 20:43:04 ⋅ 2y No. 134213
>>134184 My map says otherwise. I was referring to this: >>132993 >>133123
Germany Bernd 2022-01-31 21:57:14 ⋅ 2y No. 134223
>>134184 Both Poland and Switzerland are German clay in different senses of the word.
Finland Bernd 2022-02-01 11:19:10 ⋅ 2y No. 134292
>>134213 That map should had added "Rome" in there as the city of Rome, and call Romania "Second Rome". To make up for the missing "Second Spain", maybe call Portugal a second Spain, due to the memes about "Why Spain hasn't annexed Portugal?"
Slovenia Bernd 2022-02-01 11:35:10 ⋅ 2y No. 134297
>>134292 I think yugoslavia works as second spain (slovenia is second catalonia, albania/kosovo is second vasconia, etc)
Finland Bernd 2022-02-01 11:42:30 ⋅ 2y No. 134300
>>134297 Yea, both of them were kinda balkanized for a good while.
Finland Bernd 2022-02-01 11:46:25 ⋅ 2y No. 134302
>>133968 why did the concept of assault gun die?
Russia Bernd 2022-02-01 12:01:18 ⋅ 2y No. 134315
>>134302 Because of MBTs.
Finland Bernd 2022-02-01 12:03:47 ⋅ 2y No. 134316
>>134302 >>134315 I can see a chance for them to make a comeback, but only if the mobility of ultra light vehicles get comparable to infantry. Like those Boston Dynamics robot dogs, but larger and faster and with heavy guns on them. I do believe that at some point this whole MBT meme will become obsolete, and quicker and smaller meme machines will take over. Wont be any time soon, but at some point during this century.
Russia Bernd 2022-02-01 12:28:29 ⋅ 2y No. 134318
>>134316 It sounds like you're inventing a miniaturized Stryker MGS. Which can be called a modern assault gun, because it lacks a tank's versatility. Then there's also a light tracked vehicle in the works for US army infantry brigades:
Turkey Bernd 2022-02-01 12:33:09 ⋅ 2y No. 134319
>>133968 How the fuck are you suppose to aim that? Why elevation is locked?
Finland Bernd 2022-02-01 12:39:12 ⋅ 2y No. 134323
>>134318 Those things are the future ancestors of meme machines i am am talking about. But still, a crucial part of its evolution. Having legged lighter war machines that outperform heavier wheeled/threaded war machines is something i expect to happen before 2050. Threads/Wheels are the easy solution, but as AI advances, the robot dog model becomes the norm, just like how in nature there aren't wheeled animals. I know i seem like i speak from some kind of position of authority, so yeah. Who knows how it all turns out. I just think this is one of the more plausible and more interesting pathways for military hardware to evolve. Away from tracks and into legs. Tracks/wheels will probably still be used for logistical trucks etc for a long time, as they are just so energy and maintenance efficient. But if in 2060 we'll see some 4 legged monsters in the woods shooting shit at you and scurrying away, i wouldn't be surprised at all.
Finland Bernd 2022-02-01 12:40:36 ⋅ 2y No. 134324
>>134319 >How the fuck are you suppose to aim that? It can move its tracks It also has cute way of pooping out the shellcasing
Turkey Bernd 2022-02-01 12:42:03 ⋅ 2y No. 134325
>>134324 Ohh i see, glorious german engineering
Finland Bernd 2022-02-01 12:44:13 ⋅ 2y No. 134326
>>134324 >It can move its tracks Does it have some highly precise system, because to me this seems like a quite bad way to aim. I don't know much about tracks, but i do know that you can't really adjust anything like half of a degree with them, instead the whole body moves many CM at once. Do you have some video of it doing fine precision movements with the wheels? I am quite sceptical, but i am still giving the benefit of doubt that there is some meme system which allows to make millimeter adjustments with the threads, even if it seems very unlikely to me. Imo what seems to be going on is that the threads will bring the turret within few CM of the target, and then the turret will wiggle in the millimeters/few CM. It seems to have enough space for that.
Russia Bernd 2022-02-01 12:52:51 ⋅ 2y No. 134327
>>134323 Well things surely look like walking in this direction.
Finland Bernd 2022-02-01 12:54:11 ⋅ 2y No. 134329
>>134326 It doesnt seem all that accurate but this has some clips of the movement and aiming Then again the tactic was probably more like ambush from prepared position, fire once or twice and run away. You maybe wouldnt even take aim that many times. It reverses as fast as it goes forward and has rear facing controls just so it can quickly change positions.
Croatia Bernd 2022-02-03 10:36:39 ⋅ 2y No. 134715
>>134302 It didn't, assault gun feature was just incorporated into other vehicles designs instead of being a fighting vehicle class for itself
United States Bernd 2022-02-03 12:08:02 ⋅ 2y No. 134719
POLAND... cute :3
Italy Bernd 2022-02-03 15:45:39 ⋅ 2y No. 134731
>>134719 Szara myszka of the tank world.
United States Bernd 2022-02-03 17:44:00 ⋅ 2y No. 134740
>>133956 >nobody posted the cursed venezuelan tanks
United States Bernd 2022-02-03 17:52:44 ⋅ 2y No. 134742
>>134740 Tú no has oído de la tortuga? La ingenería zambozolano es el mejor del mundo. Los gringordos no pueden derrocar el Chiabe.
Finland Bernd 2022-02-03 20:13:16 ⋅ 2y No. 134761
>>134740 Even absolute shit tier tanks are OP as fuck against no tanks or anti-tank weapons. Especially in 1934 just buying armored cars was the bees knees, if your expected opposition only had small arms and no anti-tank equipment due to it being the 30s.
Russia Bernd 2022-02-03 22:25:03 ⋅ 2y No. 134769
>>134761 >bees knees That feel when you know some obscure outdated foreign sayings thanks to weird Japanese fighting game you have never even played.
Italy Bernd 2022-03-23 13:38:13 ⋅ 2y No. 142829
Ecuador Bernd 2022-06-11 18:46:31 ⋅ 2y No. 168143
>>133956 BTR its a formidable vehicle, my country has a small lot, i highlight its high mobility and amphibious capacity.
Mexico Bernd 2022-06-11 23:17:42 ⋅ 2y No. 168367
>>133956 Kaplan MT Harimau, most effective that a Abrams and above to a TAM.
Australia Bernd 2022-06-25 02:31:47 ⋅ 2y No. 184118
The Boxer just looks good and I’m not sure why. Big, chunky thing… >>133968 It’s aesthetic because it looks like a hover tank from the future. Remove the treads and it could be a design from 200 years from now.
Russia Bernd 2023-05-13 03:29:08 ⋅ 1y No. 270196
>>133956 Imagine the Industrial Techno Showreel:
Russia Bernd 2023-05-13 03:36:25 ⋅ 1y No. 270197
>>133973 It's "Buratino". Ретард блядский, читай чем отличается буратино от пиноккио в литературе.
Peru Bernd 2023-05-13 03:42:48 ⋅ 1y No. 270198
I like Peruvian upgrades to old Soviet, French and Gringo vehicles.
Peru Bernd 2023-05-13 03:49:21 ⋅ 1y No. 270199
Second one is another of those upgrades
Russia Bernd 2023-07-16 16:28:00 ⋅ 1y No. 279092
>>270197 Chad Burattinov I'VE FOUND THE GOLDEN KEY Virgin Pinoccio: ugm ... Imma real boy now
Bavaria Bernd 2023-12-26 22:07:24 ⋅ 6mn No. 297149
In my opinion… … the best Battle Tanks are the KF51 Panther and the Leopard 2a7v. … the BMP2 and the Bradley are the best armored personnel carrier … the RCH-155 and the Howitzer-2000 are the best selfpropelled artillery system
Bavaria Bernd 2023-12-26 22:07:34 ⋅ 6mn No. 297150
Change my mind
Canada Bernd 2023-12-26 22:18:48 ⋅ 6mn No. 297155
>>297150 Reddit CMV is where you should go for that.
Russia Bernd 2024-05-28 20:31:01 ⋅ 1mn No. 311421
>>297149 In my opinion, T-34, the good stuff is the enemy of the best. In my opinion, Bradley is a rocket launcher first, personnel carry is a bonys In my opinion, good thing they dont maky "Davy Crockett" bombz anymore
Russia Bernd 2024-05-28 20:32:20 ⋅ 1mn No. 311422
>>134327 *Unzips alcohol bottlr*


Netherlands Bernd 2024-06-01 18:47:22 ⋅ 1mn
No. 311713