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Nati Dreddd

United States Bernd 2022-09-26 03:13:28 ⋅ 1y
No. 227463
Anyone familiar with this lass? Nati Dreddd is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Scotland who sings contemporary Folk tunes that aren't too far removed from the tradition. She recently made a stop in New Hampshire and is on tour promoting her new tunes:
United States Bernd 2022-09-26 11:37:04 ⋅ 1y No. 227490
Never heard of her.
Slovenia Bernd 2022-09-26 14:14:32 ⋅ 1y No. 227504 is now attracting not only schizo/pol/shills and tv series shills but also music shills, nice in no time we will be attracting crypto shills
United States Bernd 2022-09-26 15:54:17 ⋅ 1y No. 227514
Pretty sad you have to promote your music on anonymous shitposting sites:
United States Bernd 2022-09-26 15:56:46 ⋅ 1y No. 227515
>>227514 You even went to yli: How hard up are you?
United States Bernd 2022-09-28 21:21:00 ⋅ 1y No. 228045
>>227463 >>227514 >>227515 On some real talk, she ain't half bad. She's got a good voice and the production values are solid. She could be a great opening act. Trouble is, her songwriting is boring. She's gonna need to make her audience feel her more if she wants to hit it big.
Slovenia Bernd 2022-09-28 21:58:42 ⋅ 1y No. 228053
>>228045 Hm. You're making me want to actually check her out. Will report back when I take time to do it properly.
United States Bernd 2022-09-29 01:35:38 ⋅ 1y No. 228105
>>228053 This one genuinely hits hard.
United States Bernd 2022-10-01 03:35:37 ⋅ 1y No. 228564
>>228053 This ain't half bad either for a Pop tune:
United States Bernd 2022-10-02 18:39:32 ⋅ 1y No. 228939
>>228053 These hit hard, too:
United States Bernd 2022-10-05 04:42:12 ⋅ 1y No. 229597
>>227463 She interviews very well:
United States Bernd 2022-10-07 19:14:33 ⋅ 1y No. 230295
>>227504 >>228053 Well, Slovenia?
Slovenia Bernd 2022-10-07 19:23:09 ⋅ 1y No. 230299
>>230295 haven't yet lol
United States Bernd 2022-10-11 22:41:17 ⋅ 1y No. 231642
>>230299 Then when?
Slovenia Bernd 2022-11-12 17:53:18 ⋅ 1y No. 238755
>>231642 fuck today it is
United States Bernd 2022-11-14 22:36:27 ⋅ 1y No. 239074
>>238755 So?
United States Bernd 2023-04-03 15:13:17 ⋅ 1y No. 264111
This just dropped: Thoughts?
Slovenia Bernd 2023-04-04 17:03:49 ⋅ 1y No. 264264
>>264111 breddi gud but the studio version is underwhelming tbh she needs a better producer with less ego
United States Bernd 2023-04-09 14:58:18 ⋅ 1y No. 264958
>>264264 I agree. To me, the song is underwhelming when compared to her other tunes. I understand it's supposed to be a deeply personal tune, and as someone who hit my 30s not too long ago, I can relate to the themes. Unfortunately, the repetitive lyrics are hampered by far too comfortable and flat production values and dull arrangements that rob the music of life and depth. As much as I enjoy Nati's music, this latest single is ultimately weak sauce and a missed opportunity to make the statement intended by the subject matter.
United States Bernd 2023-07-07 04:53:31 ⋅ 1y No. 277650
>>227463 Well, "Stay" by Nati Dreddd has just dropped. Gotta say, I'm a little disappointed especially after having the rare privilege of hearing this tune done live before its big release from the studio. I want the absolute best for her, but I'm afraid her novelty as a musician from Scotland who came up during the pandemic may be reaching the point of exhaustion especially if she starts treating her production values the same way George Lucas treats special editions. "Stay" suffers from the exact same problem of overproduction that plagued the previous single "Older" which dropped in March of this year. The arrangements seem to be straining way too hard for the music to sound epic and impactful when it's best as an understated soft tune about romantic troubles. Still, better than "Older", but needs to be more subtle and understated:
United States Bernd 2023-09-10 05:01:51 ⋅ 10mn No. 287236
>>227463 New single just dropped:
Slovenia Bernd 2023-09-10 07:22:08 ⋅ 10mn No. 287242
>>287236 Rated
United States Bernd 2023-09-10 16:00:24 ⋅ 10mn No. 287273
>>287242 Thoughts? I think it's much better than either "Older" or "Stay" but still somewhat underwhelming. I like that it doesn't try too hard to be impactful and is instead more understated which suits her well, but it still lacks the depth to make it memorable.
United States Bernd 2023-10-23 18:33:42 ⋅ 9mn No. 291890
New single from the artist formerly known as Nati Dreddd just dropped: