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Russia Bernd 2024-06-10 13:17:55 ⋅ 2d No. 312461
Every second video on youtube is some annoying British kid telling the story of some literally who's "downfall" under a title obligatorily including the words "twisted", "disturbing", "forgotten", "controversial", "dark"
Germany Bernd 2024-06-10 13:19:13 ⋅ 2d No. 312462
90% of my YouTube recs is music
Finland Bernd 2024-06-10 14:37:44 ⋅ 2d No. 312464
For me, it's true crime and horror story narration t. to such material before sleep listener
Hungary Bernd 2024-06-10 17:52:45 ⋅ 2d No. 312477
With unbearable soyvoice.
Russia Bernd 2024-06-10 19:23:31 ⋅ 2d No. 312489
>>312464 Half of true crime content and horror story narration is exactly llike this... I watch history lectures instead
Germany Bernd 2024-06-10 21:36:16 ⋅ 2d No. 312495
>>312489 Are any of them interesting, do you watch them in English or Russian? I have noticed that I consume too much English language content and sometimes forget words from my native language.
Finland Bernd 2024-06-11 03:29:52 ⋅ 2d No. 312528
>>312489 >>312495 Sometimes I also listen to hisdory gontent such as Historically Adequate when going to sleep But I find that it's difficult to concentrate well when you c't see the visuals + are preparing to fall asleep