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ALIEN-UFO INTELLIGENCE- Heavy National Security.pdf Download

United States Bernd 2023-01-22 22:31:27 ⋅ 2w
No. 250396
ALIEN-UFO INTELLIGENCE- Heavy National Security.pdf Download
Germany Bernd 2023-01-23 07:32:10 ⋅ 2w No. 250432
ain't clicking that
Germany Bernd 2023-01-23 08:02:37 ⋅ 2w No. 250435
>>250396 Fake as fuck, just look at the shadow of the UFO. Low effort Photoshop job.

Poland Bernd 2023-01-17 14:08:40 ⋅ 3w No. 249479
anons i have a question, i`ve sent 0.02058109 BTC from to fixedfloat with network fee 0.00002508btc and im not sure when it will arrive it is already 27h after sending
Germany Bernd 2023-01-17 14:39:58 ⋅ 3w No. 249481
>>249479 We aren’t anons
Slovenia Bernd 2023-01-17 14:41:53 ⋅ 3w No. 249482
>>249479 We aren't anons **check back in a week**

Iran Bernd 2023-01-02 21:19:35 ⋅ 1mn No. 247020
After wasting a month on Lua language (brazilian technology) I realized that the Erlang programming language (swedish technology) has far better support for concurrency Hoping that swedish technology doesn't let me down, gonna study that shit from tomorrow morning

Switzerland Bernd 2022-12-30 20:53:43 ⋅ 1mn No. 246067
Microrobots... guys i went to a doctor and instead of taking my blood his assistant injected me some kind of micro devices remote controlled..(NO JOKE) they are walking all the time through my face and body... i tried to get help but nobody can help me because nobody believes me its hard to believe I know.. How can i destroy them without injuring myself?? I tried neodym strong magnets. But they seem not too much disturbed through them.. I bought a small EMP device but its also not working... I tried to contact people from Microrobotics university but they dont want to help me... What should i do. I have them on my MRT picture, also mrt did not destroy them. please help me anon i need you, its real


Brazil Bernd 2022-11-13 22:12:07 ⋅ 2mn
No. 238931

Russia Bernd 2022-06-07 12:25:58 ⋅ 8mn No. 163451
Have you tried talking to AI before? You can feed it some sexual stories and it will try to finish your thought
Russia Bernd 2022-08-12 10:39:17 ⋅ 5mn No. 216103
>>209262 yep. As i tried different online phones, one of them registered, but turns out he was already used so i didn't get any free credits for generations. i decided to cut my losees, really wasted 6 hours into this already, no point in banging on the closed door. As new different systems will emerge, i will try them
Peru Bernd 2022-08-13 19:50:22 ⋅ 5mn No. 217542
>>163451 Bump.
Iran Bernd 2022-09-24 22:08:02 ⋅ 4mn No. 227254
>>227094 Good AI, fair criticism
Ukraine Bernd 2022-10-17 11:30:37 ⋅ 3mn No. 233692

United States Bernd 2022-10-21 22:55:24 ⋅ 3mn No. 234795
Colombia Bernd 2022-10-21 23:39:18 ⋅ 3mn No. 234801

sex dolls

Russia Bernd 2022-08-12 10:46:15 ⋅ 5mn
No. 216104
Turns out the technology gone really far. They make them already very convincing, more interactive and sensible. Capitalism and competition work wonders, beacuse turns out whoever makes the good doll, becomes very popular, there are sites where users write reviews of their sex dolls and doll-makers read them and try to improve the quality of their product, even do some real science research. Pictures of new CIRI doll. The head is the real kicker here, because the body is more like a generic body. This dolls is 168sm height, limbs are moving and can be fixed, skin is soft to touch, jaw is moving.
Finland Bernd 2022-09-13 12:16:50 ⋅ 4mn No. 225134
does CDProject or Saphowski get paid for this
Ukraine Bernd 2022-10-21 15:06:19 ⋅ 3mn No. 234743
that hair is disgusting
Germany Bernd 2022-10-21 19:17:41 ⋅ 3mn No. 234765
Who needs technology?
Slovenia Bernd 2022-10-21 19:57:05 ⋅ 3mn No. 234772
>>225105 ==50 MILLION INCELS==

Iran Bernd 2022-09-26 19:59:20 ⋅ 4mn No. 227582
I ended up overpaying on a VPS plan and now I have a VPS server that I don't need for a few months Suggest me fun projects to do with it. I thought about learning django and starting a simple website, or making a REST API, but I'm a noob when it comes to this type of stuff and I don't know the true scope of what I can do with my own VPS
Ukraine Bernd 2022-09-28 01:01:47 ⋅ 4mn No. 227857
>>227582 run tg proxy and get paid for ads

hight iq thread

Chile Bernd 2021-10-26 01:21:54 ⋅ 1y
No. 125431
MATE vs XFCE - which do you prefer?
Portugal Bernd 2022-03-20 18:14:15 ⋅ 10mn No. 142233
>>142103 crunchbang was just debian with openbox, and the current debian release still offers 32 bit binaries!
Mexico Bernd 2022-07-22 10:49:56 ⋅ 6mn No. 201398
>>125431 kms. Both are fucking trash, gtk is garbage. Go LXQt or kill yourself. Qt is the way.
Peru Bernd 2022-08-14 08:51:37 ⋅ 5mn No. 217721
>>125431 XFCE. Mate is heavier and doesn't look too good with Graybird.
Ukraine Bernd 2022-09-28 00:59:16 ⋅ 4mn No. 227855
>>125431 Gnome on Nobara Linux OS