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Germany Bernd 2023-01-18 19:46:38 ⋅ 2w
No. 249769
Do you do any kind of sports? What do you do and how often do you do it?
Poland Bernd 2023-02-07 21:12:15 ⋅ 46m No. 253120
>>253117 do you promise this isn't a ploy to sic moths on me?
United Kingdom Bernd 2023-02-07 21:25:01 ⋅ 33m No. 253126
>>253120 no(yes)
Poland Bernd 2023-02-07 21:36:28 ⋅ 21m No. 253127
>>249769 I'm suspicious of you
United States Bernd 2023-02-07 21:56:04 ⋅ 2m No. 253131
>>253117 Have you heard about somethingawful, the forums?

Quebec Bernd 2023-02-07 20:27:42 ⋅ 1h No. 253103
What are those red & white lines vk added to the thumbnail?
Quebec Bernd 2023-02-07 20:35:13 ⋅ 1h No. 253111
Germany Bernd 2023-02-07 21:55:46 ⋅ 2m No. 253130
Is that your profile or did someone make a fake profile with your pic?

Germany Bernd 2023-02-07 20:14:23 ⋅ 1h No. 253089
When was the last time you paid for Music, Bernd? When was the last time you bought a CD?
Germany Bernd 2023-02-07 20:26:04 ⋅ 1h No. 253101
>>253099 Was it PIRATE music?
Poland Bernd 2023-02-07 20:28:30 ⋅ 1h No. 253105
>>253098 I've been thinking about buying a vinyl player and some records because I like the idea (on paper at least), but I'm not sure I'd hear the difference so I'm on the fence about it
Germany Bernd 2023-02-07 20:29:56 ⋅ 1h No. 253106
>>253105 >but I'm not sure I'd hear the difference Vinyls don't necessarily sound better, but they definitely sound different, even to non-audiophiles. I usually share the music I buy and ripping vinyls is a bit of a hassle, so I won't buy vinyls anymore in the foreseeable future. I sold my vinyl player anyway.
United States Bernd 2023-02-07 21:52:08 ⋅ 6m No. 253129
>>253089 This year so far I've bought several digital releases on BC (only 1-2€ each) and two LPs (expensive though. Including shipping I paid 60, haven't bought one in a while) after the tape price surge I've experienced I only buy cassettes rarely nowadays. When I started they sold them for as cheap as 6. Not willing to pay at least 10+shipping. Oh well I am fine with BC 1-2€ releases though

Argentina Bernd 2023-01-29 19:30:21 ⋅ 1w No. 251249
I promise not to shitpost and not to be mean to bernd
Poland Bernd 2023-02-07 21:11:12 ⋅ 47m No. 253119
>>253114 moths don't have two brain cells to rub together and all they do is fly erratically all over the place, who's to say they won't try to fly into your mouth or sit on your face? how more people aren't scared of them is beyond me; other insects you mentioned, while pretty disgusting, aren't that bad because they are more predictable
Slovenia Bernd 2023-02-07 21:20:42 ⋅ 37m No. 253124
moths are ans cute :3
United Kingdom Bernd 2023-02-07 21:24:34 ⋅ 33m No. 253125
>>253119 >moths don't have two brain cells to rub together and all they do is fly erratically all over the place i know that feel
Poland Bernd 2023-02-07 21:37:09 ⋅ 21m No. 253128
>>253125 at least you're cute

Germany Bernd 2023-01-31 17:08:17 ⋅ 1w No. 251548
You know what it is
United Kingdom Bernd 2023-02-07 21:16:52 ⋅ 41m No. 253122
green and purple green and purple! toast the dose!

Quebec Bernd 2023-02-07 21:13:57 ⋅ 44m No. 253121
Opinion on the Global Predictor?

Quebec Bernd 2023-02-07 21:04:04 ⋅ 54m No. 253118
I feel like Kanye is similar to Tupac. Gay bitch

Quebec Bernd 2023-02-07 20:40:30 ⋅ 1h No. 253113
I wanna finance a beater basic model Dodge Challenger. Black or dark grey?

Germany Bernd 2023-02-07 20:09:16 ⋅ 1h No. 253084
Tomorrow I will be at the office.
Germany Bernd 2023-02-07 20:28:26 ⋅ 1h No. 253104
>>253102 You think so? I prefer a mild and neutral level. If my mood was too good, I would feel just the worse afterwards. Mood isn't a constant thing, you know.
Poland Bernd 2023-02-07 20:30:44 ⋅ 1h No. 253107
>>253104 but you know what is a constant thing? the muscles you'd acquire at the gym
Germany Bernd 2023-02-07 20:32:37 ⋅ 1h No. 253108
>>253107 No, I would just lose them again when I lose the motivation to go again
Poland Bernd 2023-02-07 20:35:52 ⋅ 1h No. 253112
>>253108 maybe you should find a better motivation then?

Canada Bernd 2023-02-07 17:36:13 ⋅ 4h No. 253048
Which cunt is better, Canada or America?

Consider This

Finland Bernd 2023-02-07 17:42:48 ⋅ 4h
No. 253049
They're the same country
Canada Bernd 2023-02-07 17:44:24 ⋅ 4h No. 253051
Are you sayin I'm American?
Quebec Bernd 2023-02-07 17:45:58 ⋅ 4h No. 253052
"I'm American" carries more oomph to it than "I'm Canadian".
United Kingdom Bernd 2023-02-07 20:33:10 ⋅ 1h No. 253109