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Russia Bernd 2023-07-09 11:56:55 ⋅ 5mn No. 278012
One benefit of the special millitary operation? Before the war people were predicting scenarios where Putin leaves his post and this face becomes president. Atleast now this would never happen.
Slovenia Bernd 2023-07-09 12:10:28 ⋅ 5mn No. 278015
Isn't it clear who's the FSB agent intended to inherit?
Russia Bernd 2023-07-09 12:19:46 ⋅ 5mn No. 278019
>>278015 no chance, this guy has very low ratings. People on the left and right don't like him, and the details of his arrest dont arouse much sympathy in the middle class either. Allegedly poisoned with Novichok in his underpants on the plane, SURVIVED SOMEHOW, flew freely to Germany to heal, confessed there that he was collaborating with Western intelligence, returned to Russia and got arrested. And while he is in jail, his platform, his party started supporting Ukrainians in war and were declared extrimist group. He has zero political points.
Russia Bernd 2023-07-09 12:22:38 ⋅ 5mn No. 278020
Also, even in the West navalny fell out of favor, now they embrace ukrainianism and don't believe that there are "good russians" worthy of support. Fine with me, Russian people don't need permission or good graces of the West to exist.
Slovenia Bernd 2023-07-09 12:25:42 ⋅ 5mn No. 278022
>>278019 He's coming out of jail at an interesting timing relative to election schedule. Let me remind you, people have very short attention spans when it comes to politics.
Russia Bernd 2023-07-09 12:33:03 ⋅ 5mn No. 278025
>>278022 >He's coming out of jail You seem to be a little out of loop of Russian politics. In 2022 Navalny was sentenced to 9 years and in 2023 another case against him was opened, that could add even more, or even grant him life-sentence if new cases from 2023 are dismissed, he would still be in jail until 2031
Slovenia Bernd 2023-07-09 13:15:42 ⋅ 5mn No. 278027
>>278025 hmm I am yes
Hungary Bernd 2023-07-09 14:36:08 ⋅ 5mn No. 278030
>>278015 Why people westward from Ukraine suppose with the demise of Putin someone "better" will come and not "worse"? The only active strata of Russian society where any government can seek support in is this newish radical Z imperialists, not liberals. So these have to be catered. And the position of some western voices ("all Russians are baed, mkay", those who refuse the entering of Russians - for example those who try to flee from Russia, and this >>278020 retardedness) alienates all Russians and less and less people want anything to do with someone who is open and friendly towards the West.
Russia Bernd 2023-07-09 15:43:24 ⋅ 5mn No. 278040
>>278030 by better, they could mean less competent in a way that a new leader who never lead a country could have some illusions-delusions about the players in the game, with different set of ideals, or someone who has less baggage, who is associated with less grudges on both sides. Or someone who has baggage, in the form of kids in the West, someone they could have leverage against. or someone who will by the value of being new to the job will be less expirienced, bring with him in less expirienced crew of people who will leave blind spots, channels for increasing Western influence in Russia, that will allow the Wect get more leverage on Russian politics I am not implying at all that current regime is super competent but new ones could be even less so besides, even if its going to be someone from the INNER CIRCLE of Putin, that person will still shake everything up differently, by putting his own loyal people in the position of power and control. New president will have his own personal guard, personal cooks, personal left and right hand, personal advisors, maybe some old guard will declare loyalty to a new face, but many could go or even face...problems. So a change in power will bring a lot of opportunity, and will be "better" for the West, by giving them many new insides, new buttons to press, new defectors, new revelations...
Germany Bernd 2023-07-09 18:44:37 ⋅ 5mn No. 278075
>>278020 You guys have such weird and twisted notions about what we think about you.
Russia Bernd 2023-07-09 19:57:01 ⋅ 5mn No. 278095
>>278075 >gaslighting Thats why i support the Great Trial
Russia Bernd 2023-07-20 14:14:06 ⋅ 4mn No. 279657
State prosecutor in court demanded 20 years for Navalny in relation of case of creating extremist organised group. What do you think Navalny thinks now? He was flown to Germany, he was guarded by German secret police, lived in the best hotel, tended by best European doctors. His family also was with him in Europe, they weren't hostages in Russia. He could have stayed there. But he decided to return with his wife, despite people warning him not to do it and immidiatelly after landing he got arrested and placed in jail, where he is staying now. He did what some here call "the move of the Genious" - something so incredibly stupid, its like genious in a self destructive and counter productive way. He did the move of the Genious and now he will probably stay in jail for another 20 years. Also, on the plane to Russia - he watched "Rick and Morty", fucking lol.
Russia Bernd 2023-07-20 14:28:45 ⋅ 4mn No. 279658
The final hearing on Navalny extremist society case is on the 4th of August Besides that there is a case from Jail administration against Navalny. He refused to live in a cell with some dirty guy, claiming they put him in the cell with this dirty hobo to break his spirit and was constantly rebelling against jail authorities.
Slovenia Bernd 2023-07-20 16:24:08 ⋅ 4mn No. 279676
>>279657 >>279658 I already told you, Navalny is a FSB agent, he isn't actually in a penal colony or something, it's all a show for gullible idiots for when he gets freed so he can take over and be a new page in Russia's history. Unfortunately the plans seem to be getting delayed so he will need to wait a bit longer than initially planned...
Russia Bernd 2023-07-21 11:04:46 ⋅ 4mn No. 279803
Strelkov got arrested. Charges allegedly: extremism. so it seems Putin now clearing his opposition to the right again, there has been so many cycles of this, he feels the need to regularly clean the field of all his potential opponents, like a scythe going through the field and clearing any plant that is too tall and can cast a long shadow, Putin can't allow anyone to overshadow him, and especially now in light of Prigozhin's latest stunt
Russia Bernd 2023-07-21 12:09:38 ⋅ 4mn No. 279819
but you know whats funny ? When Prigozhin marched on Moscow - Strelkov jumped up to DEFEND PUTIN, talking that its not the time, that all patriots should unite around president against Prigozhin. People around Strelkov called him a putin's stouge, puppet And now he is still headed to jail. If you are not silly goose to think that Russian jail is some POLYGON where future Russian leaders are forged, then you'd understand the whole irony of the situation
Russia Bernd 2023-08-04 15:09:11 ⋅ 4mn No. 281771
19 years to Navalny decided, its settled and announced he will be free in 2042 if lives so long
Mexico Bernd 2023-08-22 15:40:16 ⋅ 3mn No. 284349
>>278095 >The "great" anything >germany in 2023 They're just USA's pet now. Gringos trained germans to give the paw, bark and condone terrorists attacks to the german energy sovereignty and keep the european in line. They could be called "german shepards", but their nukes aren't developed, but bought, so "pug shepards" maybe?