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How much Is "too much"?

Buenos Aires Bernd 2024-05-22 14:56:14 ⋅ 1mn
No. 310911
I started the Gym this year on January, 3 days per week, I started a new routine that Is mesocycle so it works by weeks instead of days. By now i only lift 60kg on bench press, i'm 1.70 and my weight Is 74kg. Fitbros, it is 60kg/132lbs a good weight to lift by now? People say that when you have a full year of Gym you should be lifting some 70kg/80kg, I know I have some months to keep growing muscle but I dont know if im doing a good timing or if I need to change my routine, how much Is too much? How much do you lift and how much do you wait to reach that weight?
Germany Bernd 2024-05-22 14:59:38 ⋅ 1mn No. 310913
As long as you do it consistently you're doing it well. Especially when dead lifting or bench pressing without a partner, better don't go for too much weight.
Buenos Aires Bernd 2024-05-22 15:03:04 ⋅ 1mn No. 310916
>>310913 Usually when i do have a partner, I felt like i can't lift those 132lbs, but when im alone I absolutely can, it is psychological or im just retarded pussy?
Germany Bernd 2024-05-22 15:41:41 ⋅ 1mn No. 310918
The easiest way to progress is to consistently eat more. Don't stress about how fast you can improve things. As long as you progress everything is fine. You are still in the Noob gain phase. You don't have to stress about routine yet. At some point you will start to stall on all your lifts and it does not matter if you reach that point within a year or within two years. My general advice to everyone would be to just do starting strenght and maybe 5x5 afterwards and once you stop progressing and have all your noob gains just stay in that phase and concentrate on other things. Then you are in a body composition that your body wants to be in and everything above quickly goes into a phase of diminishing returns. Afterward people start to juice or to seriously hurt themselves. It is not worth it.