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Suggestion to add moderation functions in the chat

Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-16 04:58:52 ⋅ 1mn
No. 305834
Some mf thought it would be funny to set up a bot and start flooding the chat with 9999999999999 messages per second and ignoring him didn't work because he would change of id every 5 seconds. Not only it made the chat unusable but ir also started lagging the site a lot to the point you couldn't even enter because it fucked up the browser heavily. It eventually ended with him crashing the chat and the map for unlimited time. The retard was always usng the same IP. He just left the bot there and waited for being banned (which he can't so he never stopped). It could all have been stopped if the site had mod functions in the chat! I know... It's not really necessary because there Is the ignore button and the chat gets refreshed by just reloading the page so it doesn't really matters. But when a bot spamming thousands of messages by second comes that's when it stops being fun and something needs to be done because normal spam in the chat doesn't fuck up the whole site and it's easy to ignore but this does. Maybe not precisely mod functions... after all that would ruin the chat a little.... so maybe just a cooldown? Something that allows to detect bot activity and kicks you from using the chat or mutes you if you go to fast like spamming hundreds of messages in less than a minute. And of course make it ip based.
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-16 14:06:05 ⋅ 1mn No. 305888
Well, where the fuck is the admin? It's been a while and it's still the same. It's getting annoying and depressing. I can't even see the people online so I don't know if I am alone or what.
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-16 14:10:52 ⋅ 1mn No. 305890
>>305888 And now turns out people are posting but if I don't refresh the page I don't see their posts!
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-16 14:12:43 ⋅ 1mn No. 305892
Come on, it's not so hard. You just have to see which is the IP address of the motherfucker doing this in the traffic of the site and permaban him forever. Block him on the DNS or something, idk. Even better if we can ban his whole IP range or his mac address so he can't even avoid the ban.
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-16 14:16:19 ⋅ 1mn No. 305893
I don't think the kid that is doing this will ever stop on his own. His intentions are clearly to take down the site by overloading it or something. Maybe he will only stop after he gets bored af when he sees that his attempts to take down the site are useless.
Netherlands Bernd 2024-04-16 15:43:15 ⋅ 1mn No. 305897
Wait, somebody is still using the chat?
Ukraine Bernd 2024-04-16 16:22:44 ⋅ 1mn No. 305898
>>305897 mostly hispanic bros and me sometimes, it's more like a shitpost bin
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-16 21:41:16 ⋅ 1mn No. 305936
>>305897 Even if you don't use the chat, it still screws the site by making it slower, forcing you to refresh to see new posts, fucking up the map, etc... It's annoying, it will soon be a whole day that it is like this....
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-16 21:43:31 ⋅ 1mn No. 305937
Force people to get verified to use the chat maybe? Or maybe make it so that the chat uses our accounts instead of randomly generated ids.
Germany Bernd 2024-04-17 02:28:56 ⋅ 1mn No. 306058
Yeah,seems like someone or a bunch of people has been trying to take down a lot of image boards in the last few years,CP spam or something and now doing this crap. They really trying to frick this place up now... And where is the Admin at, don't hardly see him on here these days...
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-17 02:31:33 ⋅ 1mn No. 306060
>>306058 >And where is the Admin at, don't hardly see him on here these days... He is a very busy dude, there really should be like two admins at least.
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-17 22:45:41 ⋅ 1mn No. 306726
I get what he is doing, he is using some kind of bot that changes his IP by literally every second that passes and opens multiple instances of the site, that seems to overload the map and the chat counter (it counts like 999999999999 different users by second so of course it gets crashed) and that's why the chat and the map get crashed, also why the site is getting slow. He tried to spam the IB too but I rangebanned him before he could continue (rangeban because I banned him like two times and figured he would keep going precisely because of his constant IP change) It's as easy as banning his browser or IP range from accessing the site, I recall hearing that somehow if you fucked up badly the site would redirect you to a rick astley video instead of (I think it was if you tried to run javascript on the browser console or use inspect element too much). Why not do that to him?
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-17 22:50:00 ⋅ 1mn No. 306728
>>306726 Fuck. It could all get solved in less than 5 minutes but the admin is not here. Admin, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-18 17:41:35 ⋅ 1mn No. 306829
It's a UK user, just ban all the UK users from accessing the site at least for a while, it's not like we get any userbase from there.
Germany Bernd 2024-04-18 18:04:42 ⋅ 1mn No. 306830
Eventually I will code an imageboard software that works that will be available for anyone to use like lynxchan, but as a docker container as well as being on 2024 technology standards, meaning no bugs a nice responsive UI that potential new young users that obviously aren't used to 2005 PHP sites (and therefore will hate) will like too.
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-18 18:54:26 ⋅ 1mn No. 306838
>>306829 Bonus points if we redirect them to a virus website. Whoever is doing this fucking deserves it.
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-18 18:55:49 ⋅ 1mn No. 306839
>>306830 You always say that but never do it.


Peru Bernd 2024-04-18 19:05:35 ⋅ 1mn
No. 306842
>>305834 suggestion: simply make a chat threda meanwhile
Uruguay Bernd 2024-04-18 19:07:40 ⋅ 1mn No. 306843
>>306842 didn't you see that the idiot started to spam the chat thread we created? i start to think it's some retard guy that is butthurt with us and i have my suspects already