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Russia Bernd 2022-07-22 10:33:45 ⋅ 8mn
No. 201387
Have you ever visited a cave? There is something about caves, maybe they activate some caveman layers in our brain, like some long forgotten memory of ancestors. Post your cave dis and adventures
Slovenia Bernd 2022-07-22 20:18:06 ⋅ 8mn No. 201585
>>201387 yes we have many caves in the slovenia I have never been on a non guided tour though
Sweden Bernd 2022-08-25 16:52:15 ⋅ 7mn No. 220186
>>201387 a tiny one its famous cause some thief 150 years ago hid out there, and then when police found him he threw food at em
Slovenia Bernd 2022-08-25 17:18:23 ⋅ 7mn No. 220188
I visited 2 caves on the trip to Slovakia r8 **was going to visit 3 but I was late for visiting the 2nd one due to my lunch & then drive there taking longer than I reckoned and I had to wait for the next one in an hour which meant in turn I was always going to be late for the last visit to the 3rd one**
Russia Bernd 2022-08-25 17:37:16 ⋅ 7mn No. 220194
I like warm wet places, I don't like cold wet places