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Iceland Bernd 2022-03-18 18:13:40 ⋅ 2y No. 141650
F1 is back this weekend. Mercedes are looking worse this year while Ferrari seem to be making a comeback, Williams are pure shit.
Turkey Bernd 2022-03-18 19:24:57 ⋅ 2y No. 141655
do you know whats up with uralkali? is it banned?
Iceland Bernd 2022-03-18 19:41:15 ⋅ 2y No. 141657
>>141655 Sanctioned so they could not cough up the money, lot of lawsuits flying around but Haas is looking stronger compared to the last few years. Mazespin is out of F1 probably for good unless daddy buys him another team next year.
Slovenia Bernd 2022-03-18 19:41:24 ⋅ 2y No. 141658
>>141655 Haas F1 Team broke sponsorship contract.